danddphotography.com: Photo Session Prep

A little preparation goes a long ways:

D and D Photography offers a few tips and suggestions to help insure your photo session will be an enjoyable experience.

Questions you might be asking yourself:

What if we can only get the family together in the evening?.....and on a weekend?
At D and d Photography we know it can be difficult to get all family members together in the same place at the same time. We will make every attempt to work around your schedule. We prefer to schedule your photo session on the weekend if possible. Morning, afternoon or evenings are fine.

I can’t see without my eyeglasses. What do I do? : It will be best to avoid wearing glasses due to reflections of the bright flash. Wear contacts if possible or try to borrow a set of frames in your style without lenses.

How do we position ourselves for the photos? Posing possibilities are endless. We do have examples of many proven successful poses. But, we do encourage your suggestions to help us create the style look you like. Magazines are also a good resource for a variety of professionally created poses. Bring examples of your favorites. Thinking outside-the-box can help create some very original and memorable shots. Ones the family will cherish for years to come.

What do I wear? Solid colors will be best. It is best to avoid clothing of bright colors and busy patterns. Save these for accent items such as scarves, belts and ties. Try to keep outfit colors coordinated within the group. There may be exceptions but simple outfits are normally best. It is best to not mix formal dress styles with casual styles in the same pose, don’t forget to wear appropriate socks and shoes to match the style.
To avoid the unexpected it might be best to dress children and toddlers at the photo shoot.

How can I look my best in the photos? You will find it very helpful to bring along items to freshen-up. A hairbrush, lipstick or lip-gloss and face powder will be very helpful. The flash will reflect badly on oily skin. The powder is a must for capturing your natural soft complexion without glare.. You might also like to bring along hair pins and hair spray to help achieve that professional look.

Can we bring personal items to include in our photos? Please feel free to bring personal items to use as props. Maybe you have items with a special meaning or relation to the photo event. Examples might be trophies/awards, stuffed animals, pillows, hats/sun glasses, or maybe scarves/belts. Please call ahead to make special arrangements to include the family pets. This can be fun and very rewarding but does add to the shoot difficulty level and time requirement. D and D Photography is collecting props and we have several geared toward young children, but please feel free to bring your own meaningful additions.

Who gets prints? It is always nice to share photos with family and friends.
It is not often that families can get together and take nice posed portraits. You will want to share them. It is helpful to prepare a list of family and friends with whom you wish to share prints. You can include quantities and sizes. It is nice to begin thinking about this early on as the list might change several times. D and D Photography is presently developing some various package discount pricing options. We will be happy to make suggestions and prepare optional package quotes.