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Question   Gallery

Such a wonderful place to visit .. thanks for inviting me to your gallery.


- Bo Panchita January 08, 2014

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Question   Very cool Pic's
This is moraa2302 from IG! Or just call me Holger... :)))

I'ver found this in you Explanation, and I have to say, you really shoot Great Pic's! :))

I haven't seen all of them yet, but I really do like the one, you're wearing a Snoopy&Woodstock -Shirt! Very cool! :))))

You really do a great Job there, I like this Site, and I will Bookmark it!
I although like it, because it's made by normal people... :)))) And I can see a lotta lifeblood in here....:))

So, best regard's from Hamburg, Germany!

If you and your family ever travels to Hamburg, let me know, I'll be your Guide! :)))

Good Night, Green -Family! :))

God bless you!

Holger Moritz

- Holger Moritz October 07, 2012

  Answer A great big hello and thank you Holger (moraa2302). It's funny I tried to reply the date of your posting but it didn't seem to have been uploaded. I think I just discovered the reason in my settings. A safeguard review approval seems to have been added since my last visitor comment. Thank you very much for your wonderful comment to my wide and I. I love that Snoopy/Woodstock shirt!!! I'm glad you noticed it. HaHa. Photography is just something my wife and I like to do for fun. Well at least I like photography as you know from IG...well you and I alike do. My wife doen't like to be behind the camera, she prefers out in front!! We do all of this work in the side of our living room. Anything that looks studioish came out of our living room, LOL. Low cost is the name of the game!! Thank you so much for the guide offer if we make it to Hamburg one of these days. I like to travel and I plenty of it for my job. I'd sure like to be able to get over to Taiwan a lot quicker than happens on my 2 trips a year. I did visit western European countries back in the early 80's. I imagine a lot has changed. Please do bookmark this website. I usually add maybe about 5 galleries a year. I've just added a couple more as a matter of fact. My customers are nice enough to let me remove the password after they have reviewed the proofs. I've got some other fun photoalbums on www.photobucket.com\dlgreen1956
We just did a wonderful Alaska land and sea cruise a couple years back. It was our first ever. What a way to begin!!!!!!

- David Green  December 02, 2012

  Answer Oh Holger, now I see that I have to go to my admin page after each response ( from either a visitor or as well me) to actually hit an OK to publish response button. Thank you for helping me figure this out.
God bless you and your family and thank you so much for following the link in my IG bio to bring you here.

You have a great evening too!!

Do you have a photography website or blog of your own outside of IG? I'd like to visit if you do :o) :D

- David Green  December 02, 2012

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Question   Great Work
Looks like your doing a great job. Keep up the good work. Can't wait together to have ours done.

- Mindy Porter/Ballew January 19, 2010

  Answer Hi Mindy, Hope you guys are well. Would love to get together sometime and get some pics of your family. Kevin is a cutie. Have to bring the g-parents and everybody along. Would be fun to get everybody's little ones together.

Thank you for the nice comments!
David and Deb

- David & Debbie Green  January 19, 2010

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- Duglasebifraft Duglasebifraft  April 08, 2017

  Answer Hi

- Scottsen Scottsen  October 07, 2017

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Question   Beautiful work, good job!
Hi guys,
I love your work and know you will be great at this as you are in all you both do. We look forward to getting some shots of our children and our grandchildren together this year from you too!
Best of success to you and God Bless.

- Rick & Linda Squier November 03, 2009

  Answer Hey,
Thank you for your compliments and big vote of encouragement. We certainly appreciate every single one of them! We would very much enjoy helping you fill your walls and tables with many more family photos! Hope to catch some of those special moments when 3 generations get together! I enjoyed getting together for the nice visit too!
Take care and we'll see ya soon

- David and Debbie Green  November 04, 2009

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Question   Family Shoot pictures
Hi Debbie and David!
I would like to see the family shoot you have listed, but there is a password required.
Congrats on your new business!

- Susan Mabrey July 24, 2009

  Answer Hi Susan,
I'll PM you directly.
Thank you for your congrats. I hope we can help you guys out one of these days.
No job too small. We are doing a 7 yr old girl b-day photo shoot session in our home studio this sunday. One of your children could be next! ..... or maybe even add a mom/dad shoot to update the fireplace mantle.

- David Green  July 24, 2009

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Question   Congratulations
Just wanted to say congrats on the new adventure and Good Luck!

- Steve and Diane Miller July 09, 2009

  Answer thanks, it will be something when it really takes off. we have cleared out the guest room of all furniture and it has become the studio storage. when we do portrai shoots, we set up in the living room since the high vaulted ceiling allows us to set up the 14 foot backdrop.
glad all is well with steve.
tell your friends about us. we can go to st gen. for shoots of weddings, etc.

d & d

- Debra Green  July 15, 2009

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Question   thanks
I'm SO thrilled you are publishing some of your work. You've done such a great job for Foundations Of Love. You do a fabulous job of capturing the 'flavor of the moment'.

I want you to market D&D to all of the non-profits in the Community Council. Be sure to hook your like to our website and our Facebook page.

- Karen Schneider June 26, 2009

  Answer Thank you!, We'll talk more in person regarding these great ideas. Thank you for stopping by

- David Green  June 26, 2009

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Question   new site
Are you up and running now?

- David Green June 23, 2009

  Answer Construction is ongoing. Some areas are available now

- David Green  June 26, 2009

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