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-Photo session price lists
We have posted basic 2011 price lists for the following:
-Greeting Card
-In-Studio- photo session
-On-Location- photo session
-Basic Wedding Session

Please request a price quote for a package deal including: session time with a selection of prints .

Tips: Left click once on the price list you wish to view. Once it opens, mouse over the price list and in the menu at the top of the price list picture left click on "Zoom" and then left click on "High Res Image" to view a nice big price list. You might also find that left clicking on "Web Size" works well for you too.

To print out the price list: Mouse over the price list and right click your mouse. Then select "print picture" from the pop-up menu.

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Discount coupons and biz cards
Please print out these discount coupons and bring them with you on your next visit

Kingsley Hot Stamping Machine
Kingsley Hot Stamping Machine and accessory examples. These machines have been refurbished to original operation specifications. These are pictures of some kits I've sold.

Kingsley hot stamping machine replacement parts, accessories, an...
Your one-stop location for finding repair parts for your Kingsley Gold Hot Stamping Machine. Obtain parts and all accessories or send your machine in for a complete refurbishing with 1 year parts and labor warranty.

the bigger picture FOL.org
The goal of Foundations OfLove, Inc. is to make a difference in the lives of adults with developmental disabilities. Our mission is to purchase homes that can be leased to these adults who wish to make a "home" in a safe traditional neighborhood with access to community and ecumenical support.

Zero-Project -check it out!
With permission to share: Much of the background music is from "Zero-Project"
This songwriter and composer is, in David's opinion, spectacular.